About Us

Nicholas Piercy, Managing Director

More than 37 years in the hospitality industry. All aspects of hotels, restaurants, events, and cruise ships.  

18 years senior management working nationally and internationally in high volume international 5-star hotels and resorts. 

Self-employed for 19 years, a former Hotel owner and operator, B&B owner, contract caterer, and business consultant to hospitality. 

During my years of service, I have identified areas of hospitality that require improvement in efficiency and consistency to further secure bottom-line profit.

In respect of the recent covid pandemic and increasing overheads. Current practices of servicing silverware for the end user need to be reviewed.

I have created a solution to improve safety to customers, improve operational efficiency and subsequently reduce man hours and the related costs during these critical times. 

This has been tested operationally in one of my own catering operations with remarkable success and now offer this service to the wider industry. 

 As Health and Safety rules continuously develop in relation to public Health, our product may become a necessity soon. 

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