Welcome to Blackberry Silverware Laundering.

Hospitality – Care Homes  Travel Industry

Blackberry Silverware Laundering has been designed specifically to remove the costs and associated time constraints, keeping your customers safe, saving on labour, and freeing your staff to concentrate where it is important! With your customers!

Tailor Made to Individual Client Specification.

Pick-up and Delivery

UV Treated polisher 

 Rinse to Reset, Ready-To-Go Individual Packs.

Quality Fully Compostable “Vegetable Based” Clear Heat-Sealed Packs.

Easy Inventory Control

Why Choose Blackberry Silverware Laundry? 

Reduce time spent in preparatory work 

Increase hygiene and longevity of prepared cutlery sets to be used by the end customer. 

Eliminate staff handling and exposure to non-sterile environments

Reduce wastage of napkins through misuse (it is estimated that 40% of napkins are wasted through misuse by staff by either using them for mopping up spillages or giving too many out or becoming wet or soiled). 

Increase service efficiency 

In these times of staff shortages, preparation work will need to be reduced to utilise staffs time to their best ability.

This will enable staff to look after the customer rather than hours of preparation time sorting, washing, drying, polishing, folding napkins, servicing cruets, setting, and resetting tables.  

Add the cost of polishing cloths and keeping them clean and the cost of napkins from misuse, it all becomes costly. 

Meet environmental objectives with fully compostable materials and napkins. 

Improve water management 

Improve labour saving and work force utilisation 

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