Environmental Solutions to an Environmental Crisis 

It is our mission to Improve operational efficiency, to save the environment and to protect customers.

The last number of years has seen dramatic, ongoing, sustained environmental and economic challenges.

From the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, World environmental objectives aimed at saving the planet, a fuel and labour crisis. Our product has been developed with this in mind.

Our Wrapping Sleeves

A clear film made from wood pulp. The wood is sourced from sustainably managed forestry. Cellulose fibres in wood pulp goes through a casting process and is regenerated into a certified industrial and home compostable film.

‘NatureFlex™ films can be home composted now. In the future, they should be able to be collected together with food waste, once collections are in place. Please check locally.’

Our Napkins

Produced by Duni, a company well known in the hospitality industry for quality and sustainability, our napkins are certified compostable.

UV-C Light.

UV-C is well known in its capability to kill germs and viruses. Our cutlery polishers are equipped with a UV-C light bulb which operates at the optimal germicidal wavelength of 254 nm. The UV bulb breaks down and eliminates germs, viruses and bacteria’s which makes it impossible for the microorganisms to replicate and infect.

Water conservation.

We aim to have minimal impact on our water supplies. The chemicals that we use in our washing process are designed to be eco-friendly and have less impact on water than traditional chemicals.

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