Month: March 2022

Welcome to BlackBerry Silverware Laundry.

BlackBerry Silverware Laundry has been designed specifically to remove the costs and associated time constraints of preparing cutlery for the table. Keeping your customers safe, saving on labour, and enabling staff to concentrate on what it is more important! Such as your customers!...
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Why Choose BlackBerry Silverware Laundry?  

Reduce time spent in preparatory work.  Improve labour saving and work force utilisation. Eliminate staff handling and exposure to non-sterile environments.  Reduce wastage of napkins through misuse  It is estimated that 30% of napkins are wasted through misuse by staff either using them for mopping up spillages, giving out...
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Our Product and Service  

BlackBerry ‘Silverware Laundry’ offers you a service for your used mixed silverware to be uplifted, sorted, washed, polished and ultraviolet light treated. Your silverware is then returned to you packed as a ready-to-use place setting in a  next generation home compostable sealed sleeve with a high-quality 3-ply compostable napkin in the colour...
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Price stability  

Our Packs are priced individually at an accessible price.  We will guarantee the same entry price for a period of six months from the time of contracting, giving clients the confidence of fixed costs in view of current spiralling prices of fuel, energy, food and labour.  Additional individually wrapped napkins...
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