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BlackBerry ‘Silverware Laundry’ offers you a service for your used mixed silverware to be uplifted, sorted, washed, polished and ultraviolet light treated.

Your silverware is then returned to you packed as a ready-to-use place setting in a  next generation home compostable sealed sleeve with a high-quality 3-ply compostable napkin in the colour of your choice plus compostable condiment sachets.

You may also add other items to your place settings such as your own menus/promotional material, sauces or anything else that you feel essential.

This is a bespoke service and each individual client’s returned inventory is processed one at a time from receiving to dispatch, therefore eliminating the possibility of misplaced cutlery.

Clients may choose a napkin colour scheme from our standard stock of the six most popular colours. White, Black, Red, Dark Blue, Cream and Granite Grey. 

 Clients requiring napkins more specific to their business, we can offer 14 other colours/designs available through special order at an agreed consumption. 

Place setting packs will be subsequently packed into reusable, recyclable containers of 20 sets which are identified with compostable labels

These are suitable for storage or aesthetically suitable for placing on restaurant service stations as required.

We aim for returns to be delivered back to you within four-hours from pickup. 

In extremely busy times, some businesses may require an emergency supply, please call us direct for this and we will be with you as a matter of priority. 

We ask that returns are simply rinsed and returned in the same delivery box for collection along with any empty boxes. Clients wishing to retain some of the boxes/lids to repurpose for alternative use, these are available for purchase at a nominal rate.

These ready to use table setting packs keep table reset times to a minimum and give tangible control over silverware inventories. This product is not only limited to hospitality, but there are also obvious advantages to the care home sector, private hospitals, events, railway and the wider travel industry. 

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